Why are engagement rings so expensive?

 Engagement rings are generally higher in price because of the emphasis of a large center diamond. Not only is the size of diamond important when talking about prices,  you also need to take into account the costs of mining, cutting, polishing and supplier price. So why are diamonds the choice of stone for an engagement ring? By some accounts the tradition of using a diamond ring to propose started after Archduke Maximilian of Austria in 1477 when proposing to his bride, Mary of Burgundy. As you can imagine proposing to someone with such a ring was reserved for the elite of the time. But as time progressed the tradition of proposing with a diamond ring expanded globally and is now available to entire populations of different classes. 

Diamond grading

What constitutes a diamond grade is the Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat Size. All mined diamonds are unique and rare but one of the rarest diamonds is a D color internally Flawless Diamond. This diamond is so rare that the majority of the jewelers in the world have never seen one in person. 

Engagement Rings have a large Diamond at the center 

We have all seen the social media influencers who brandish such large diamonds on their slender fingers. This type of social construct often creates an expectation from their fiance. This process of courting is largely dependent on society and expectations that are created from media such as Tiktok, Instagram and Facebook. The larger the carat size the more expensive the diamond. A good 1ct diamond can often start at prices around 5000 Dollars and if you were to double the size you will be paying around 25,000 Dollars. One popular trend that can help you achieve the appearance of a larger diamond is using different shapes such as oval, pear or marquise.

Lab Grown Diamonds are a cheaper alternative

Apart from choosing different shapes to achieve a large diamond look,  you could obtain a larger diamond at a more affordable price by choosing lab grown diamonds. Lab Grown diamonds are real diamonds, they are not fake. Lab grown diamonds are created by growing a carbon crystal lattice in a lab, under conditions which diamonds are known to grow under. Natural Diamonds are made deep inside the earth under very different conditions. Although we have two different methods to acquire a diamond, the chemical composition of natural diamonds are identical to lab grown diamonds. Check out our Diamond Search tool and select Lab Grown Diamonds to compare !

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