What is an old mine diamond?

You may have seen the so-called, “Old Mine diamonds” posted on Instagram or other social media platforms. These diamonds are hidden treasures found in our world. Old Mine diamonds are an antique diamond cut that originated from either Brazilian mines or Indian mines in the 1800s. They were the most common type of diamond seen in the Georgian and Victorian Era. These diamonds were often cut by hand and therefore not completely symmetrical. 

Are Old Mine Cut Diamonds good? 

There are some benefits of buying an Old Mine diamond. To begin with, these diamonds are cut by hand and thus contain many imperfections. These imperfections make them less desirable to jewelers and can often be found at discounted prices. Another benefit of an Old Mine Cut is the striking pattern of colors created by the large facets. Since the Girdle of an Old mine Diamonds are thin, consider a bezel setting. 

What are some negatives? 

One consequence of a large facet is the stark contrast of white and black areas caused by reflection within the diamond. Another significant downfall created by the large facets is the loss in sparkle in the diamond. And finally, the thin diamond girdles make them prone to cracks. So to protect your Old Mine Cut diamond you may be forced to use a Bezel setting on your jewelry piece. 

Should you buy an Old Mine diamond.

If you are looking for a unique cut diamond with a vintage feel. This diamond cut should be a contender on your list. Not only are prices reasonable, each diamond itself is hand cut, one of a kind, and part of history.

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