What is a Rose Cut Diamond?


Rose Cut diamonds emerged in the 1500’s and became popular in the 1700’s during the Georgian eraThese  diamonds  provided an alternative to the traditional round cut diamonds. Rose cut diamonds are different from traditional brilliant cut diamonds; for starters they have less facets i.e. cuts, 24 to be exact. This is far less than the 58 facet round cut diamonds have to offer. This means that rose cut diamonds sparkle less under light. Although the sparkling is reduced, they do provide more luster and contrast. do not sparkle under light as much as a round cut diamond in comparison, however they provide more luster and contrast. 

Characteristics of Rose Cut Diamonds 

Another characteristic of the Rose Cut diamonds is their flat bottom, this feature allows the diamond to appear larger than their actual size. For example, a 1ct rose cut diamond is approximately 7.5mm in length and a traditional 1ct brilliant cut diamond is approximately 6.5mm, a staggering 1 mm larger in size.

Rose Cut diamonds come in various different shapes such as, Kite Shaped, Round, Square etc.  When deciding to purchase a Rose Cut diamond you will be sacrificing brilliance for luster and contrast. The variety in shape definitely gives an aesthetic appeal. These types of diamonds are found often in bezel settings which helps to secure the crown of the diamond. This may be beneficial but definitely not for everyone.

Consideration before purchasing a Rose Cut Diamond 

Another aspect to consider when purchasing diamonds is the price. A general rule that follows the price point is the available inventory. Traditional brilliant cut diamonds are very popular, therefore inventory remains high. In contrast, Rose cut diamonds are generally more costly. The typical price range for a 1 carat rose cut diamond 1ct could run from $ 7,000 to $10,000, costing 15-20% more than a traditional Brilliant cut diamond. If you are interested in learning more about Rose cut diamonds  fill out our custom design form here

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