What is a Clarity Enhanced Diamond?

There are so many retailers online and you may have found these “heavily discounted” diamonds. However, any reputable jeweler will disclose if the diamond of interest is clarity enhanced or not. As we all know, inclusions are naturally found within a diamond and can heavily affect the clarity of many diamonds. For Example, I2 and I3 diamonds are also known as “salt and pepper” diamonds, which may look aesthetic but may not be for all consumers. Most consumers prefer to have a diamond that is eye clean, they can enjoy their engagement ring shine and sparkle before their eyes.

What are the types of Clarity Enhancement? 

Clarity Enhancement is a process that can either fill the inclusion with a plastic resin or remove the inclusion entirely from the diamond; Fracture Filling and Laser Drilling respectively.

Fracture Filling is the process where there is a polymer resin introduced into the diamond, and the resin flows into the inclusion. This will cover the inclusion with a plastic resin making the diamond “clearer”. However, since the diamond is filled with a polymer, this can affect how light reflects on the diamond which may make it dull in appearance. Fracture filling makes the diamond more fragile than a normal diamond; taking away the idea that diamonds last forever. This compromises the indestructible quality of diamonds.

-        Courtesy of GIA, an example of laser drilling

Laser Drilling is another Clarity Enhanced process that employs the use of a surgical-grade infrared laser to create very fine holes in the diamond in order to remove the inclusion found within the diamond. This creates distinctive lines that are not natural to the diamond and enhances the overall clarity. Nevertheless, they weaken the overall integrity of the diamond, especially when a very heavily included diamond is enhanced.

Clarity Enhancement Bottom Line 

Our experts advise anyone purchasing a diamond online to avoid any type of Clarity Enhanced treatment because we believe that they are not stable treatments in the long run. Always check the certificate of the diamond, under comments it will state if it is enhanced or not.  Check out our large diamond selection online and let us know if you need an engagement ring. We will give you exactly what you want; an impeccable diamond.

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