What is a Baguette Diamond ?

They are a 14 facet simple rectangular cut diamond that can be squared or tapered. Baguette diamonds are usually found tapered and often used as accent side diamonds for a gemstone or diamond ring. Since they have such low facets they do not produce much brilliance on their own, however, when paired with other baguette diamonds in series they produce an eye-catching brilliance. 

History of Baguette Diamonds ?

They were created between the 1920’s and 1930’s time period, overtime they became popular by designers and jewelry producers. Baguette diamonds are popular because of their unique cutting. There are some unique wedding ring designs that employ the use of baguette diamonds instead of the traditional round diamonds. 

How to choose a Baguette Diamond for an engagement ring? 

Baguette diamonds have to have good clarity because they lack the internal brilliance that most center stone diamonds provide, so if they have inclusions it will be more noticeable, VS1 or better is preferred in this type of cut. We also recommend our customers to aim for D-E-F color diamonds as these colors are considered colorless. One great benefit of baguette diamonds is  sturdiness, you do not need to choose a protective setting like a bezel, you can choose almost any setting for a baguette Diamond. If you decide to choose a baguette center diamond, we highly recommend a Halo setting because the accent diamonds will give you the brilliance and sparkles that may be lacking from the baguette diamond. 

- Emerald Cut Center with tapered Baguette Diamonds courtesy of GIA

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