What color diamond is the most expensive?

Diamonds are mined around the world from Africa to Russia. Diamonds are a naturally occurring carbon lattice that is arranged in such a way that differentiates it from our ordinary graphite.  They naturally have various colors, from Deep yellow to lovely pink. The color is dependent on the trace element interacting with the carbon lattice such as nitrogen, sulfur and boron which can produce yellow, green, and blue hues. If you want to purchase a colored diamond for your loved one, you will have to think of it as an investment for a lifetime. 

Red “Argyle” Diamond is the Most expensive Color Diamond

Red colored diamonds are the rarest diamonds in the world, there are only ~30 red colored diamonds in the world. Most red diamonds come from one diamond mine and that is The Argyle Diamond Mine. Red colored diamonds start at a whopping 1 million dollars per carat, which would make that engagement ring not only precious but a timeless piece for your family.  

Colored Diamond Tool 

When you use the diamond tool you will note that Champagne colored diamonds will be significantly cheaper than colorless diamonds, allowing you to save money. Yellow Diamonds are a bit pricier around the same price range as a colorless diamond. Pink diamonds can be as high as 10,000 dollars per carat for a less intense pink diamond. Blue Diamonds can start from 10,000 dollars per carat for a faint blue color. 

Why are colorless F, E, D color diamonds more expensive than the other color?

D is a colorless diamond, the closer you get to that color the closer you are to true colorless. To appreciate a diamond fully you have to see the diamond sparkle. The closer you are to colorless the better sparkle and fire your diamond will have under white light. Colored diamonds will absorb white light which will prevent as much reflection producing less sparkle. Who doesn’t want a diamond that catches other people’s eye. 

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